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From: Gene Smith, "The R.E. Marketing Guy"
Atlanta, Georgia

Gene Smith, "The R.E.  Marketing Guy"… is --- for FREE -- his "Real Estate Money List" that is proven to get you all the houses you want for 50¢ on the dollars or less.

What about all those other free list web sites?  Those trial sites and even those sites that let you search their database of foreclosures?

This is what those sites know that you should know.   Finding a foreclosed home is the easy part.   There are plenty!  The main part of your search is putting together winning offers and follow up!  You must find the right foreclosure or a seller in distress and have a winning strategy to making the buy.

These sites only want you to register so they can sell your name to an agent.  Often these agents are inexperienced at working with foreclosed homes and representing you for the best possible deal.   You see they know that in the final stage, you will need a professional to be able to make the most of your options.  Even if the professional is inexperienced. 

You see the more targeted your search is, the more likely you are to find the right home.   A professional can help you better refine your search.  Also, you need to have the right language in your offer to protect your interest.    Some other things

It is likely your registration will be sold to an agent who has very little experience in the specialized area of foreclosures or distressed properties.   Get experience and a proven system on your side.  You don’t want leave your hard earned dollars to chance.   You want a service that guarantees you results and put money behind a guarantee! 

A System Is The Single Most Important Factor
To Making A Great Buy On A Distressed Home!

"The Bank Distressed Homes System" WIll find your home at the best possible price!

The fact is the best sources of distressed Atlanta homes have already been marketed to by real estate brokers.  Banks and homeowners know the best way to get these properties sold is to list them with brokers.

But unfortunately… for the buyers the brokers are representing the institutions and sellers from which they obtain the listings.  Therefore, their job is to get you to pay the most money possible for their clients!  

Our system will enable you to work someone who is motivated to get you the best price possible.  In this way you get access to thousands of the  hottest properties and the opportunity to get the lowest price possible.   

Get a Guaranteed Funding account on your purchase

Time… Save Money…

We will open a funding account for you on your purchases.  This money can be used for purchasing properties, downpayment, repairs or even vacations!

This is a ....Win ....Win....Win

To get a free list of these properties with pictures and information of the funding  accounts,

Just complete the form below and put yourself in the position to make the best buy on your next home or real estate investment.

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“How To Save Thousands Of Dollars when you Buy

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